6 Scenarios Where it Doesn’t Pay to Go the DIY Route

Being handy enough to tackle many issues that tend to creep up when owning a house can certainly save you a lot of money and hassle. But there are plenty of other scenarios when taking the DIY route just doesn’t pay. In fact, it can even wind up costing you money in the long run.


Here are 6 situations where you’re better off calling in the pros.

1. Handling Electrical Issues

Unless you’re a licensed electrician yourself, leave this job to the experts. Dealing with live wires is an obvious hazard that can lead to electrocution or a fire if handled improperly. Simple things like changing a lightbulb or replacing an outlet cover might be fine, but anything that involves more intricate writing should be left to an electrician.

2. Repairing the Plumbing

The risk of a burst pipe and major leak is very possible if the plumbing work isn’t handled properly. If you just need to snake debris out of the shower drain or replace the faucet in your sink, go ahead. But an experienced plumber should be called upon for anything that requires more extensive work.


3. Installing Windows

Replacing your windows on your own can leave behind inadequate seals if the job isn’t done properly. If you haven’t got a ton of experience installing windows, you’d be better off leaving the job to the experts. Any areas around the windows that allow air leakage can drive your heating and cooling bills through the roof.

4. Ripping Down a Wall

How hard can it be to take a sledgehammer to your drywall to tear down your wall? That’s not all there is to it. For starters, you’re dealing with potential electrical wiring and plumbing pipes that may be lurking behind the drywall. You might even be dealing with asbestos if the home was built before the 1970s. Not only that, you never know if you’re dealing with a load-bearing wall, which means tearing it down can compromise the integrity and safety of the structure. Before you start ripping the wall down, make sure a licensed contractor has had a chance to inspect it first.


5. Fixing the Roof

There’s a reason why roofers are trained, skilled, and possess a variety of specialized tools. Without knowing what you’re doing, and the exact roofing material that you’re working with, you could wind up causing further damage and even put your own safety at risk. Unless you’ve got the necessary experience yourself to repair your roof, you might want to just leave the job to the experts to ensure your home’s interior is adequately protected from the elements.

6. Cutting Down a Tree

Unless you’re dealing with a young, light-weight tree, don’t even touch this one. Homeowners have plenty of reasons to chop a tree down. Maybe the roots are interfering with the home’s surrounding foundation, or perhaps a family member is allergic to it. The tree might even be dropping too many leaves or fruits that are leaving a mess behind. Whatever the reasons may be, chopping down a tree should absolutely be left to the pros. There are tons of dangers here, including the use of a chainsaw or axe, the potential to fall, and even the possibility of the tree landing on your home, yourself or a family member.


The Bottom Line

Having a handy knack is certainly helpful when dealing with minor issues in the home. Why spend extra money paying someone else to fix a small problem that can easily and safely be done yourself? On the other hand, it’s important to draw the line between these types of jobs, and much more involved and complicated ones that are better off left to the experts. Not only will it save you money, it can even save your life.